Searching: Perfect Cowboy Boots

There is something so charming and endearing about a simple pair of worn-in cowboy boots. Sadly, during a move a few years ago, I lost a box of shoes which held my beloved cowboy boots; a gift from my Mom that I treasured. I've since been on the hunt for that perfect pair, but have turned up short in my efforts thus far. Here are some I'm currently keeping my eye on (paired with a few suitable ensemble companions):
1. Frye ankle short 2. Tony Lama ankle boots 3. Frye carson shortie 4. Frye billy charcoal 5. Frye harness boots 6. Frye billy pull on 7. linen dress 8. paisley print dress 9. frill silk dress 10. a-line washed dress 11. cropped sweater 12. loose pocket tee 13. butterfly check shirt 14. polka dot scarf 15. chunky knit scarf 16. printed spot scarf 17. petal leaf scarf
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