Missoni for Target Collection In Stores Today

Orchestrated and handcrafted specially by the God's of powerhouse collaboration themselves - the Missoni for Target collection is now upon us and readily available in stores and online. OK...it's not that big of a deal, but it's kind of a big deal, if you know what I mean. With all the mid-to-late summer buzz about Missoni for Target opening this fall, I thought I'd refrain from posting until now, you know, in case I decide you decide to go today and need a checklist, or something along those lines. While Missoni is undoubtedly synonymous with gorgeous fashion, I must admit that I'm really in love with the home decor and accessories they've created for Target. The bike is especially swoon-worthy, as are the wellington boots and scarves. What do you think; anything catching your eye? Will you be going today or sometime this week?

top photo: women's dresses and accessories 2. Missoni wellies 3. Missoni dishware
bottom photo: Missoni for Target Bicycle

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