Halloween DIY: Glitter Pumpkins

On Saturday we made our way to the pumpkin patch and it was the perfect way to officially kick off fall. Upon entering we were pleasantly greeted by chickens, a rooster, sheep, goats, and even a cow; an unexpected yet somehow fitting addition during our trek through rows of pumpkins galore. We settled on three-15 pound beauties for our front porch and a handful of pint-sized ones to adorn our mantel and entryway table. I added a bit of sparkle to two of the smaller pumpkins with the help of Mod Podge (my number one go-to glue for all things DIY) and Martha Stewart glitter.

you'll need: pumpkins - glitter - Mod Podge - paint brush. optional: embellishments and ribbon. also helpful: craft paper/newspaper to work on - paper plate/bowl for mixture
one: mix equal parts glue + glitter. once mixed, add in a few drops more of glue and mix thoroughly. two: paint mixture onto clean pumpkin surface. let dry (about 2 hrs). repeat if necessary once completely dry. add embellishments. 
three - (alternate version): paint only glue onto clean pumpkin. sprinkle thoroughly with glitter. let dry (about 1 hr). add embellishments.

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