All About Area Rugs

This might be the most painfully boring thing you read on the web today, but I felt the need to post about area rugs since I have been on the search for a new one for our living room. As of now, I have this jute rug from Ikea in the living room and this natural woven rug in the back family room/den, but I'm thinking of doing some swapping. I'd like to move the jute rug from the living room into the family/den, the natural rug from the family/den into the dining room, and find a softer/cozier/jazzier rug for the living room (which we tend to spend the most time in). Sound confusing? It is, and I'm sure K is thrilled to be reading this knowing that this will probably turn into an ordeal of him moving around furniture, going back to the store ten times to make sure it's the right choice, etc. like it normally does. (Does anyone else drive their significant other up the walls when it comes to house things, or is just me?!). Anyway, here are a few I'm really liking:
one | two | three | four | five | six

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