Good Reads For Your Weekend

photo Brunch at Saks

For being a week that followed a holiday, this one went by considerably fast. Last Sunday, I got that horribly depressed feeling once the sun started to set, much like the one you get as a child on the last day of summer knowing that responsibilities will greet you cold and hard come Monday morning. But here we are at Friday, and I find myself wishing time would slow down just a bit, as this season seems to be flying by at rapid pace. This weekend's forecast in Los Angeles looks like lots of clouds and rain, which is the perfect excuse to stay in most of the time and catch up on blogs, watch some shows I have saved on the DVR, and try my hand at a few DIY's I've been eyeing (this being one of them). 

Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing few days as well. Here are some good reads I enjoyed this week around the web that I think you might like too:

- The fabulous girls over at the Chicago based blog Girls of Lincoln Park invited me to be a guest blogger today. Head on over there to see my favorite clutch bags for the holidays this year. Thank you, GOLP!

- If you have fur babies, love pets, or just like cute things (that pretty much covers everyone, right?) then you must check out this sneak peek of Pretty Fluffy's new eBook by Serena at Pretty Fluffy and Sarah at Chic Sprinkles. How sweet are those photos by Sarah? I can't wait for the full book to be released in a few weeks.

- This isn't necessarily a good read, rather a good listen. Every Thursday at 8pm est/5pm pst the editor of Bake Space Babette Pepaj, LA Times food editor Rene Lynch, new media guru Douglas Welch, and Tampa Tribune food writer Jeff Houck host #KitchenParty, a podcast filled with great tips, tricks, and discussion about all things food related. This week's chat focused on how to improve your food photography skills, and it's packed with valuable advice for those of us who are cooking/baking and shooting the process for our blogs or websites. Head on over and listen if you have a chance, or join in on Thursday evenings (hashtag #kitchenparty on Twitter) from now on; it's a great hour.

- I couldn't click away from this Napa Valley rehearsal dinner held at Farmstead restaurant. From the twinkling lights to the long, rustic tables adorned with non-fussy fruit and vegetable centerpieces, it was both beautifully simple and simply beautiful. I'm certain this was the perfect way to kick off the couple's weekend of festivities. 

- Lastly, I loved this little guide on how to pronounce tricky fashion names so much that I had to pin it.

Happy weekend (and reading!). 

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