A Gift Wrapping Idea

photos Brunch at Saks

This post originally went up on December 9, 2011 but I thought it would be fun to share once more since it's such a quick & easy way to wrap presents for the holidays. I used kraft paper on the gift in the photos, but don't be afraid to recycle and reuse that paper bag from your trip to the grocery store! The gold ribbon was purchased at Joann's and it's still available here (this stuff is a steal at $1.19!).

Wrapping a present for any occasion can be the most tedious part of the entire gifting process, which is why I tend to lean toward simple wrapping techniques to save time, money, and my sanity during the busy holiday season. As a base, I prefer basic kraft paper, allowing the added elements to really stand out. For this gift I chose a left over strand of glitter ribbon, which I cut into two pieces, wrapping each one individually around the gift (creating a cross) and securing in the back with tape. To finish, I placed the bow (DIY below) in the center. From start to finish this took about 5 minutes, a small victory in the game of gift wrapping.

4 easy steps to creating the perfect bow below:

1. Start out with an 8-inch piece of ribbon. Loop one end up and over to the center. Secure with double-sided tape. 2. Repeat with opposite end. 3. Place bow on the center of a 3-inch piece of ribbon. Wrap ribbon up and over bow, creating the "knot." Secure with tape. 4. Voila. Use on gifts or anywhere a little pizazz is needed.

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