Fun & Quirky Gifts Under $40

While giving a gift to someone is always a great feeling, it can oftentimes become an overwhelming task that quickly takes a toll on all things cheerful this season (not to mention your bank account). But if you are set on buying a little something for anyone, from a coworker to your significant other, then these small gifts ranging in price from $3.99 to $40 might be a fun way to say happy holidays without overspending too much. I rounded up a complete list of fun holiday gifts under $50 over on Houzz this month, so if you're still in need of some gift giving inspiration, you can check out the full article there!
1. Areaware iphone alarm dock $40 2. Pottery Barn personalized dog pillows $39.50 
3. Claus Porto assorted guest soaps $19 4. IKEA non-alchoholic mulled red wine $3.99 5. Z Gallerie antler candleholders $29.99 6. Anthropologie Papillions plate $24 7. gold coin bank $16.95 8. Z Gallerie vintage alarm clock $34.95 9. West Elm owl cookie jar $39

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