Summer Wardrobe Take II: Calypso St. Barth

My summer wardrobe hunt continues and it's quite fun, to be honest. I'm not much of an 'in-store' shopper, so browsing boutiques online is right up my alley. I found Calypso St. Barth via Hamptons Magazine and have become obsessed with their beautiful dresses, tops, and accessories. While they have amazing brand new pieces for summer (my cart has been filled for three days), their sale section is not too shabby either. I'm not afraid to go straight to a sale rack when I actually go to a store, so why would I avoid such a great thing online?! All of these pieces are currently marked way down and they're gorgeous- like so gorgeous that I hesitated to click 'publish post' for fear they will disappear!

Circle Dress $325 now $99
Silk Sequin Tank $190 now $29
Sweet Tart Ruffle Skirt,$135 now $99
Chantal Tunic $325 now $99

Where are you shopping at these days? Happy #summerwardrobeshopping!

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