Party Pretty

photo by Lo Bjurulf

Did you happen to catch the Golden Globe Awards last night? While the show itself is a bit mundane, it's the loveliness of couture strutting across the red carpet that I cannot get enough of. I myself was dressed to 'perfection' in Banana Republic pajamas; fancied up ever-so-slightly with a strand of pearls and a vintage cocktail ring. A sore sight, really. Every year I toss around the idea of throwing a party for one of the shows during awards season, at which time I would most definitely dress up (although a 'pajamas and pearls' theme does sound tempting). A few strands of glitter-tasseled garland, a pink tulle party dress, and the perfect pair of suede sequined booties would certainly be the perfect touch to any such gathering, don't you think?

[Confetti System garland, Sarah Seven dress, Rosie True heels]

Here's to a fabulous week ahead...

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