Ralph Lauren's Double RL Ranch + his Ralph Lauren decorated Teepees

above: Two of RL's teepees sit on his 16,000 + acres just below the San Juan Mountains. One teepee is designated for adults, and the other for children, complete with teddy bears and child sized furniture.

Ralph Lauren's Double RL Ranch, about 45 minutes outside of Telluride, Colorado, was featured on Oprah today, and to say it's lavishly-poised interiors mixed with breathtaking views were magnificent would be an understatement. Decorated with a plethora of items RL has collected over the years, both the main house and teepees (yes, as in real, functional teepees) have an Old West feel, infused with chic, rich colors and elegant yet bold patterns. The main guest teepee is surely one of the loveliest components of the vast ranch, complete with rustic furniture, Ralph Lauren Home bedding, and American-themed accents.

above: Guests are invited to stay in this teepee, decorated with collected antiques and navajo patterned blankets.
above: The main house bridges modern-day living with Old West decor; using materials like brass, antiqued wood, and outdoor elements like pine cones to complete the look.

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