5 Easy-to-Follow Smokey Eye Tutorials

5 smokey eye tutorials
The smokey eye is both sexy and classic, two adjectives that often compete for center stage but are a beautiful marriage when describing iconic looks like this makeup technique. Whether your eyes are light or dark, you're going to a formal dinner or out with girlfriends, or you just feel like jazzing up your everyday routine, the smokey eye shows no discrimination and is the perfect compliment to any look desired. While it looks effortless once complete, it can often times be tough to master, so I've compiled some of my favorite smokey eye tutorials for you here:

- This tutorial from Become Gorgeous is complete with step-by-step photos, making the look easy to complete.

Cosmopolitan shares 7 easy-to-follow illustrations for a flawless smokey eye in a beauty cheat sheet here.

Marie Claire created a video to compliment their 5 simple steps to a celebrity smokey eye here.

Classy Cosmetics uses products like Revlon and MAC to complete this 10 minutes to a smokey eye video.

- A great tutorial loaded with photos, techniques, and application tips by beauty blogger Erica here.

I'm keeping these links close by for the holidays coming up :)

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