Makeup Drawer Organization

My makeup drawer is in a constant state of needing a makeover, so after finding a roll of contact paper that I bought at Home Goods a few years ago, I decided it was time to get to work. Over the years, I've tried everything to keep my makeup organized (bags, clear boxes, tackle boxes, votives, etc.), but I always end up reverting back to using nothing at all, which surprisingly works the best for me. So to keep it simple, I added a few tea plates for the essentials, plus a small votive to hold hair ties and bobby pins. My poor brush couldn't fit in with all the new pizazz, but I'm okay with that considering the entire process took me less than five minutes and left my drawer in a livelier manner.

photos Brunch at Saks

To answer email q's: the green Ikat plate is from C.Wonder here; the blue plate is Kate Spade but I'm not sure which collection; the silver plate is Ralph Lauren's romance collection.

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