3 Hair Bun Tutorials

messy bun
To say that I love a top-knot and ballerina bun would be an understatement. While I've been throwing my mess of hair atop my head for as long as I can remember, now that it's considered cool and trendy makes me happier than ever to toss it up in the mornings and not think twice. Since I'm always seeing the cutest hair buns (does that read as awkward as it is to type?!) on blogs, Pinterest, and Tumblr, I thought I'd round up a few tutorials that I want to try. Here are some with super cute results:

- Abby perfects the french braided top knot similar to the photo below in this tutorial. (Another really good french braided top knot tutorial here)
- The more polished and refined look of the ballerina "sock bun" (similar to photo below) is made easy by Emily in this how-to video. 
- CaraLoren shows us how to master the top-knot in this video.

hair tutorial: french braided top knot
hair tutorial: the ballerina bun
hair tutorial: how to get the perfect top knot
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