Fashion Laws: What's Your Personal No-No?

Hi, my name is ________ and I've admittedly worn _______.

Jelly shoes. Tommy Hilfiger overalls. Baggy flannel shirts. High-waisted jeans. Slouch Socks. And...wait for it...a fanny pack (don't judge- you had one too). Fill in the blank with what you may- we've all fallen victim to an appalling trend or two...or three...or hundred. As fashion changes with the seasons, it's almost unavoidable for some trends to pop up after a decade hiatus (leggings, anyone?), much to the dismay of older generations who've already lived through the horrific phase once before.

If we're lucky, the most hideous of trends are quickly laid to rest after their short-lived reign as king in our closet; the only remnants being faded Polaroids stashed in a dusty shoe box in our parent's attic. One good thing to come out of such horrendous trends: learning what NOT to wear. Even better, we've actually started policing ourselves before walking out the door, making the world a more beautiful place one less Choker necklace at a time.

Everyone can relate to a fashion trend misfortune. A piece of cringe-worthy photographic evidence followed by the typical "shoot me if I ever leave the house like that again" public plea, and voila- you've joined the masses of mishaps. I have my share of laws that I adhere to (these are just personal- so if you wear these trends, rock it out!) like avoiding denim on denim. I do not care if the pieces have the same dye, it is just wrong on so many levels. I also have an issue with velvet that I don't even want to discuss. Just the word alone makes me want to vom.

But my number one personal law is to never, and I mean nev-ah, wear any pants (or shorts) with letters across the butt. Alphabet-booty duds, as I've coined them. I admit, a few times in college I could have been spotted in the cafeteria with a pair of these babies on, but this trend was instantly finito for me when I was forced to stand behind a woman for 2 hrs at the DMV with "Beauty Queen" plastered across her not-so-fit behind. Honestly, it looked more like "B e a u t y Q u e e n" with all the stretch n' sprawl going on. It was horrific. I have no place to talk though- I can only imagine what I put my poor peers through as I strutted across campus in my own pair of stretched lettered pants with my not-so-fit behind! Needless to say, all of my ABC threads went straight to Goodwill, and I have yet to put my behind in a pair since.

So now the fun part: what is your personal fashion law?

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