Real Houswives of NYC- Kelly's East Hampton Home

I love, love, LOVE the Real Housewives series (OC, Atlanta, NJ- all of them) but the NYC ladies have a special place in my heart! No matter how crazy, backstabbing, and chatty they can be, each of them are fantastic and I'd love to lunch with them any time, any day.

When I saw Kelly Killoren Bensimon's gorgeous East Hamptons home (she's renting the 5,800 sq ft. beauty out this summer- it can be yours for just $300,000! ha!) I immediately fell in love and wished even more that I could ditch LA for a while and head east for the summer. It's sophisticated, whimsy, and modern with splashes of color and unique art. The decor and style may not be for everyone, but it's gorgeous none-the-less.

So what do you think? It's different than a lot of the homes I've seen in the Hamptons, but again, I love that's quirky and off-beat in a fun way. Kudos to Kelly or her design team on this one!

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