Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

I've been obsessing over this royal wedding. Like so much so that I'm contemplating buying a plane ticket and heading over the pond in April. I'm kidding. Maybe. Anyway. The thing I can't stop thinking about most is what Kate Middleton's dress will look like. While Diana's dress was over-the-top with poofy sleeves and a train the size of the UK itself (gorgeous none-the-less), I imagine Kate's reflecting her classic yet modern style that she so elegantly dons in her everyday wear. Diana had just turned 20 when she wed Charles; a surefire sign that she had yet to come into her own when it came to personal style. Kate is marrying much older with rock solid sense of style and who she is, so if I had to bet (which I don't, but for this post's sake I do) I'd say she is going to wear a modern gown with a tinge of traditional and a lot of edge. Here are some of my choices for Kate:

Is anyone else excited for this wedding?!

[Dresses via Cymeline]

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