Simple Gift Wrapping Idea with Glitter Bow DIY

Wrapping a present for any occasion can be the most tedious part of the entire gifting process, which is why I tend to lean toward simple wrapping techniques to save time, money, and my sanity during the busy holiday season. As a base, I prefer basic kraft paper, allowing the added elements to really stand out. For this gift I chose a left over strand of glitter ribbon, which I cut into two pieces, wrapping each one individually around the gift (creating a cross) and securing in the back with tape. To finish, I placed the bow (DIY below) in the center. From start to finish this took about 5 minutes, a small victory in the game of gift wrapping.

photos by Brunch at Saks
Creating the perfect bow:

1. Start out with an 8-inch piece of ribbon. Loop one end up and over to the center. Secure with double-sided tape. 2. Repeat with opposite end. 3. Place bow on the center of a 3-inch piece of ribbon. Wrap ribbon up and over bow, creating the "knot." Secure with tape. 4. Voila. Use on gifts or anywhere a little pizazz is needed.
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