DIY: Valentine's Day Paint Sample Cards

Browsing the paint aisle at Home Depot and Lowes has become my favorite way to pass the time while K searches for tools, materials, or whatever it is he needs. I always grab a few paint sample cards for my "one day I'll do this in my house" inspiration folder, which has led to quite the collection over the years. So, instead of letting them go to complete waste (I can say with confidence that the desire to paint a room red or pink anytime soon is zilch) I decided to try my hand at these DIY Valentine's Day cards. They were simple to make, took less than 20 minutes, and cost nearly nothing, a triple win in the land of DIY's.

photos by Brunch at Saks

PS. I'm linking up with the lovely Kori at Blonde Episodes for her Valentine's Day round up! Head over there for tons of VDay inspiration :)

Click below for steps.

You will need:
- Paint samples
- Ribbon
- Heart paper punch (I used this one from Martha Stewart)
- Single hole punch

If paint samples are wider than 2 - 3 in. each, you'll also need:

- Pencil
- Ruler
- Scissors

1. Pick out a few paint samples in a range of reds and pinks you like best.
2. If the samples are larger than 2 - 3 inches wide (mine were) cut them in half.
3. To make the heart cut outs, use a heart shaped paper punch.
4. Use a regular hole punch on the top of the card and string ribbon through.
5. Write a note, attach a candy to the back side, or simply pass them out as is.

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