DIY Celery "Flower" Art

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Whew. A busy few days quickly translates into me being absent from this little corner of the internet here. Happy to be back and running! A while ago I saw this photo of a celery stamped card and I've wanted to try something similar ever since. So, last week as I was cutting up veggies to use in a soup (stay tuned for a food post on Thursday!) I decided to save the ends of the celery and finally get to this project. As you can see, it's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's unique and fun, so I am proudly displaying it on my bedside table as of now. If you have little ones around, I think this project would be a lot of fun for them, too!

{Stop at this point, put the "flowers" aside, and chop up that celery for soup, snacks, stock, etc!}

ETA // To answer a few email questions: 

- The watch is Kate Spade's Carousel Bangle
- The orange bracelet is Stella & Dot
- The gold dot print I made using a 3/4-inch circle punch and scrapbook paper.

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