Painted Dressers

I'm always tempted to purchase a dresser via Craigslist or at a garage sale and make it over, but just the thought of sanding, painting, and waiting for it to dry is enough to dim the lights on my frugal dreams. When I redid this bedroom last summer, I purchased the wood trunk at the foot of the bed from the Rose Bowl Flea Market to do exactly that. However, after sanding down the old yellowish-greenish paint for what seemed like hours in the summer heat, I gave up rather quickly and decided that I'd go with the au-naturale (a.k.a au-lazy) look instead. But after seeing all of these beauties floating around the internet, I'm not only thinking about hauling my wood trunk back into the garage to finish it, but also that my next DIY makeover needs to be a dresser. What do you think? Have you painted a dresser before? Thoughts? 

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